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Whittington Moor expands capacity with Horizon StitchLiner MKIII

Finishing Solutions

‘We had our previous StitchLiner for six years and it has been great,’ stated managing director Paul Gamble. ‘We chose the StitchLiner MKIII as an upgrade because we know and trust the Horizon technology. We knew it was the best available on the market today. It is so much easier finishing from a flat sheet and we were very happy with the performance and reliability of the StitchLiner’s technology.

‘We wanted a system that was going to be more efficient and also enable us to do more of the same but faster. We also wanted greater production flexibility. We were running the older StitchLiner 24 hours a day and expect to do the same with this one. We particularly liked the A4 landscape option. We don’t do a lot of that work at the moment, but it does give us another capability.’

He continued, ‘We also invested in a third ten bin collating tower which has made us much more productive. We complete a 56 page product every month and that used to take 12 hours with 20 bins. With 30 bins it was finished in five hours. The extra tower makes such a difference.’

Whittington Moor’s next generation StitchLiner will finish work produced on a Heidelberg XL75, three Xerox Versant 3100s and a Formall 485S. It runs at 6000 booklets per hour. Its fully automated set up delivers improved production efficiency and functionality, A4 landscape capability and professional quality.

Pictured left to right: Paul Gamble, managing director, Russ White, finishing, John Taylor, finishing manager.


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