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Providing printers with an open system landscape is essential when implementing Print 4.0 and achieving integrated print production. To provide even better support to print businesses worldwide in the process of achieving an holistic end to end workflow from order entry to post press, OneVision has enhanced its workflow management system Workspace Pro X with new, essential functionalities.

Print files always come with job properties such as colour, format, order number, delivery date, quantity, substrate, etc. These are crucial for processing the files and managing print production. They are usually available in XML format. With the new ‘Read Properties’ module, Workspace Pro X now converts information from leading systems (web shop or MIS) into properties and uses them for automated print data preparation. No programming knowledge such as JavaScript necessary!

The newly developed ‘Write Properties’ function automatically converts the properties back to XML files after job processing to report the production status back to the MIS. This XML can be output to any device or system, hence, also creating integration with downstream production systems such as printing, finishing and embellishment machines. If required, the structure of the output XML can be easily adjusted to the requirements of the respective system.

The two newly created modules ‘Read Properties’ and ‘Write Properties’ greatly simplify the implementation of intelligent workflow automation and workflow control for print businesses.

A practical example: An order with the substrate ‘acrylic’ is placed via the web shop. This information is provided by the web shop as an XML file. The information about the substrate is extremely important for production, because several files of the same format should be collected so that they can be printed together – as resource saving as possible. The new ‘Read Properties’ module converts the XML information into properties that can be used for the workflow. The punch lines in the file are recognised and transmitted as XML information to the downstream cutters.

The trick is that this automation can be created without any programming knowledge thanks to the intuitive user guidance.

With the new release of Workspace Pro X, users can also define their own list of ‘custom properties’ to route, collect or rename files, saving significant time. In addition, JDF/JMF information can now be exchanged with any print production software or hardware that also supports JDF/JMF.

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