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Heave ho, and get set for a wonderful voyage of adventure  

The Solutions Awards 2021 –

it be time t' enter, matey

There ‘tis great bounty to be won in The Solutions Awaaards 2021.

We arrrrr looking for:

All those who are daring and unafraid of innovation to find the best booty in graphic arts' ideas and projects.

All those who see beyond the horizon when it comes to creativity.

All those ready to navigate new opportunities, new technologies and new ideas.

All those, arrh, who are vast oceans apart from their competitors.

All those who give no quarter to the lacklustre


How t' enter –'tis simple:

Enter Ye Mighty Solutions Awards and come and join

in with the excitement and the wonder of sailing with the most creative ship on the high seas of inspiration.

Download yonder entry form, fill it in and send it to the Cap'n at susan@earthisland.co.uk

Or, fill in the form below, below, belowArrh!

Click on the image

below, below, below

to download ye entry form

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Let the spoils be yours!