The Earth Island team has more than 100 years of media, marketing and publishing experience

across print and online publications.


Earth Island publishes a diverse range of magazines across several markets, including leading 

monthly Print Solutions, as well as Packaging Solutions, Green Solutions and IndPrint, as well as a

series of helpful guides.


We believe in partnering with the industries in which we work, supporting organisations, suppliers and readers by forming strong partnerships and providing relevant and pertinent information to help make business a success.

As well as our magazines, we can also work with you as a partner for your contract publishing, copywriting, event organisation, marketing and promotions, and content licensing.

Let us know what you need, and we will help. And, if you aren't sure what you need, give us a call – we are full to the brim with creative ideas.

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What else keeps us busy

Licensing and Syndication
Licensing our brands and syndicating our content is at the very core of how we internationalise our business. We provide a highly collaborative approach to helping clients build a brand, monetise new territories and grow opportunities.
Contract Publishing

Whether you need a one off publication or an on-going periodical, we can contract publish it for you. We can undertake the whole management of the project from sourcing content or writing exclusive editorials, to design, layout, proofing, substrate sourcing, printing and fulfilment, or help you with the individual elements you need.

Event Management

'Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.' (Michele Jennae).

Networking is key to success. We can help you to arrange events, round tables, conferences and seminars, informal get togethers, and creative brainstorming sessions. We undertake complete management of the project  or simply help you to develop your networking strategies, contact relevant attendees, provide speakers, plan agendas, or come up with creative ideas to connect 'people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities'.


Knowing the mind of your customer and understanding his issues, challenges, and where he is looking for opportunities is powerful information. Earth Island undertakes research and surveys that will help you to drill down to the heart of potential clients and really find out what they think.

We can carry out research on a range of relevant topics, and will provide you with a written report of the findings, along with a set of opportunities tailored to your own business.

Strategic Marketing and Brand Alignment

We successfully find the synergies between your brand alignment activities and your content marketing, helping to drive the sales that keep your company in business as well as creating a focused awareness of your product offering. In short, we help in getting more ‘bang for your buck’.

Green Solutions

Environmental care is a fundamental element of our business and we want to help you make it part of your business too. You can find out more through our Green Solutions magazine and its dedicated website. Just click the button opposite.

Bringing you the solutions: The Earth Island team

Editorial, production, publishing, Solutions Awards and events

Susan Wright

Editorial director and publisher

Susan likes computer games, Zumba, reading, cuddling Ted, quizzes, and socialising with family and friends.


Steve Crawley

Creative director

Steve likes going for long walks with Ted, wildlife photography, being with his family.

Louise Gamage

Events and administration manager

Louie loves reading fantasy books (Harry Potter), and cooking with her sons.

Dogtor Ted E Bear

Chewman of the board

Ted like bones, and bones, bones, and bones. He also likes biscuits, hams, bacons and sausages.

And bones!

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Commercial activities, advertising, and making the most of your marketing

David Gamage

Managing director

David likes rocking with his guitar, fine dining, testing the quality of biscuit varieties, and Tweeting.


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