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Lively and energetic, stimulating, bright and fresh. Print Solutions is very different to other titles in the industry, and we dare to go where others dare not follow. We are unafraid to show just how exciting print can be. 


We are enthusiastic about the industry. Dedicated to it. This is not just a ‘job’ for us. We live and breath print and paper and are utterly committed to this industry.


Read Print Solutions and I think you will see that this comes across. From our ‘how tos...’ to the fun way we present the articles. From serious issues to industry people out and about. From leading edge technologies that will take print forward into the future, to upholding and being proud of our wonderful heritage in print and paper.

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Packaging is an exciting, dynamic, powerful influencer and Packaging Solutions allows you to see the best solutions, options and end products that make up this exciting world.


The magazine contains ideas and inspiration that you need to look at the market opportunities and bring them into your business, as well as highlighting the technology that allows you to do this.


The packaging market is one of continued growth, and more companies are looking to it to expand businesses – whether that is through digital, offset, gravure, flexo or screen. Packaging Solutions covers all these areas, so no matter what technology you are using, you can see all the innovations in one magazine, as well as finding out about finishing, pre-press, software, design, and more.

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Green Solutions is all about environmental issues and sustainability – these are increasingly important for any company. But, rather than ‘preaching’ , we want to show you how being environmentally friendly can help  to make your business better. And, maybe even make you money!


Print and paper has been an easy target as misconceptions about the effects that the printed word has on the environment are passed off as facts. Yet, our industry has a positive story to tell. 


Green Solutions gives the industry a platform to highlight all the positive steps that printers and paper suppliers continue to make to improve the sustainability of the printed word and reduce the impact of manufacturing processes on the wider environment.

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IndPrint is a monthly newsletter for innovative and exciting technology in the industrial inkjet sector.


It looks closely at the processes to print on speciality substrates such as wood, glass, plastic, vinyl, metal, textiles, ceramics and more, as well as highlighting print as part of the industrial manufacturing process. It even delves into the 3D printing and electronic printing world. 


Sent to a specifically targeted audience of decision makers, researchers, developers and those pioneering this sector, IndPrint keeps you abreast of the very latest in industrial inkjet.

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