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Making the right
marketing connections through Earth Island's magazines – linking you with your customers


Printing Machine

'This is the graphic arts. Print companies trust print more than any other medium.'

Making your marketing work for YOU!

Whether you need your marketing and promotions to reach printers, designers, marketing agencies, brand owners, packaging producers, converters or other graphic arts professionals, Earth Island's magazines provide a link between you and your potential customers, or even existing customers who are looking for assurance that your company is still strong and supportive of the industry into which you sell.

We offer the best in creative ideas, the best service, the best advice, and incredible prices – all of which will make the most of your marketing.

Rob Slowe,

Arctic Paper

What our customers say...

Dave Jones

group marketing director

Premier Paper Group

Premier has worked with the Earth Island team since the launch of Print Solutions magazine. From day one it was evident that they wanted to do things differently. Their magazines are vibrant, informative and relevant, providing a showcase for creative print processes.

The campaigns that we have run through Earth Island have been the most effective of any media campaigns that we have done. The ease of combining page advertising with direct mail, e-shots and online content is of great benefit and delivers good responses with tangible results.

I think that the success of Earth Island is that the team works hard at delivering great products for readers and advertisers.

Melissa van Gelderen

general manager

Xante Europe

We love working with Earth Island. It is very flexible and creative and assists us in making successful marketing campaigns. Susan's writing is brilliant and always on-target. I would definitely recommend promotion in one or more of the publications.

Want the best for your marketing campaigns too?

Call David on

+44 (0) 1892 522563

Graham Harris
managing director

When it comes to advertising, Earth Island simply exceeds expectations, and often adds in ideas and concepts to help maximise spend, which is such a bonus. What sets it apart is the willingness to listen and understand the goals of those it works with. I have found David to be very open, honest and accommodating, particularly through a series of e-mail outs we placed, which brought in many leads and good sales.

It is nice to work with a group of people who exude passion and that always have our best interests at heart. I would highly recommend Earth

Island to any company wishing to attract attention in our busy market – it will certainly get you noticed.

Andy Gerlack


Fresh Design & Print

I  would like to thank all at Print Solutions. It is very rare  that I look forward to something coming in the post as I get a lot of magazines but I can honestly say that I read your magazine from cover to cover. Print has been crying out for you for a long time. I feel you are on the same wavelength as innovative print companies and have the same values when it comes to being creative. 

Thanks also for the support The Solutions Awards has shown us. It has been invaluable and has opened doors with new customers.

We had the biggest order in our history. I closed the deal because we won a Solutions Award.So winning does work! 

Katrin Hoffmann
PR manager
Primera Technology Europe

We have been working with Earth Island Publishing since it launched Print Solutions and Packaging Solutions back in 2013. For us these magazines, and the company’s work, stand for creativity, uniqueness and professional journalism. Both magazines are great platforms for us to promote our products and the whole team at Earth Island conducts its business with integrity, professionalism and is always open for new ideas. We here at Primera Technology Europe look forward to continuing our partnership with Earth Island Publishing and the people behind it for many years to come.

what our customers say
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