HP Papers: Colorlok Technology 


 Deliver superior print quality 

 and improved reliability 


HP Papers have in-built Colorlok Technology


The science behind ColorLok Technology results in more saturated colours, bolder blacks, and faster drying times.


During the papermaking process, a chemical additive is incorporated into the paper to ‘lock’ pigments at the surface. Without this technology, paper acts more like a sponge, absorbing black and colour pigments deep into the paper and away from the surface.


Paper products that carry the ColorLok logo represent a standard for improved home and office printing for both inkjet and laser printers. When the ColorLok logo appears on paper packaging, it assures users that the printed output will be of the highest quality.



Colour appears richer, more saturated and vibrant because the ink particles separate from the vehicle, before they are absorbed into the paper.


Black pigments are removed from the ink vehicle and remain concentrated on the paper surface, resulting in denser blacks with sharper edges.


While pigment particles remain near the surface, the water based ink vehicle sinks into the paper fibre, resulting in faster drying times and reduced smearing.


Papers with ColorLok Technology offer enhanced recyclability because the ink stays on the surface of the paper. Removing the ink from the paper is a key step in the recycling process.


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