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Big green survey report

Big green survey report

The Big Green Survey was initiated to gather the opinions of print companies across the UK about the environment and how it impacted on what they do.

This report provides an analysis of those opinions and an evaluation of the current and prospective outlook for print and the environment.


  • Table of contents


    3. Executive summary

    4. Reasoning

    5. Market audience/Data collection methodology

    6. Findings and results

     i) Background

     ii) Certification

     iii) Why did you go green?

    iv) Products

     v) Suppliers

    vi) Green investment

    vii) Paper

    viii) The production process

    ix) What are the biggest issues when trying to be green?

    x) People

    xi) What now?

    xii) The general environment

    18, Conclusions

    19. Prospective outlook

    20. Opportunities/recommendations

    21. Extra comments from the respondents

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