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How to make the most of...being green

How to make the most of...being green

The environment. It should be about the ‘carrot’ not the ‘stick’!

You shouldn’t feel obligated to be environmentally friendly because the world says so, you should be energetically enthused to become more green because it makes sound business sense. And, it simply does!

If you have only ever thought about the environment in terms of a chore, then hopefully this book will show you lots of ways to make your business better, save money, and even make you money. And, oh, while we are at it, all those things will help to make you greener too.

Sound good? Great! But, how do you even start? Where do you go for help? Is there any financial assistance to be had? Isn’t it going to cost a lot and take up loads of time? Do you need to be certified? How do you know if you are making the right decisions? Asking the right questions? Doing the right things?

Lots of questions, and this handbook will help to answer them. It is your very own, personal business consultant.

And, even if you don’t end up being the number one environmental printer in the UK, if you have at least taken one or two small steps along the green path that is a good start.

Contents include: How do I go lean; how to choose the right suppliers; how to promote your green business; do you need to be certified; how do you save waste; how do you choose the right equipment; how to work smarter; and how to make green the heart of your business.

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