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How to make the most of...MIS

How to make the most of...MIS

MIS systems can offer a whole host of benefits that will make business better – productivity, efficiency, savings, streamlining, and profit.

It sits in the background of your business, but is really its beating heart, allowing you to control, develop, manage, measure and react and be proactive.

This handbook looks at a number of the key modules within an MIS and explains, in easy terms, how they can hep you.

Although implementing an MIS is not an overnight task and there will be disruption, whilst all employees need to be on board, and changes may need to be made to processes, ultimately it will become an absolutely indispensible part of your business – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

This handbook also includes information on some of the major systems available, along with case studies on printer who already know that MIS works, and have shared their experiences so that we can pas them on to you.

Contents include the elements, linking with web to print, estimating, scheduling and production, data collection and analysis, the green angle, financials, inventory management, managing relationships, benefits to your business, choosing the right system, and more.


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