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Mimaki announces LA laminators

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Mimaki has announced the new LA Series of wide format, heat assisted laminators and laminating film to complement the new Mimaki UCJV Series LED UV printer/cutters.

‘Mimaki continues to bring innovative solutions to market that make it faster, easier and more cost effective for sign and display graphics and other businesses to produce outstanding full colour sign and display graphics,’ said Ronald Van den Broek of Mimaki Europe. ‘This laminating solution is another example of that innovation, and when paired with Mimaki’s new UCJV series of print and cut solutions, provides a turnkey offering that will help companies drive more profit to their bottom lines.’

LA Series laminators are heat assisted devices with a maximum temperature of 60˚C. This heat assistance improves overlaminate film adhesion, particularly to surfaces printed with UV curable inks, and reduces the potential for the silvering effect created by pressure sensitive overlaminates. Due to instant curing, UV inks tend to have a slightly uneven surface which can trap air bubbles during the laminating process, causing silvery specs that can take away from the appearance of the product.

Laminating speeds of up to 7.5 metres per minute means that the finishing can keep up with production and reduce bottlenecks.

The easy to use laminator includes all functions on one operation panel, with easy access to the pressure handle and foot pedal. Additionally, a take up reel makes it simple for one person to control the entire process.

Mimaki Vision Laminate: Designed specifically for use with UV curable inks and LA Series laminators, Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 (Gloss) film offers fine finishing with a glossy feel while maintaining the colour brightness of the print. This high quality, heat assisted overlaminate is also a cost effective alternative to cold laminating films.

‘LA Series laminators with Mimaki Vision Laminate film will be the ideal companions to a UCJV Series LED UV printer/cutter,’ explained John de la Roche of Mimaki’s UK and Ireland distributor, Hybrid Services. ‘UCJV prints are instantly dry meaning they can immediately be finished on a LA Series laminator. This complete, harmonised solution ensures reliable performance and quality output for those times when a protective overlaminate is required.’

LA Series laminators and films are expected to be available towards the end of 2017. Two models will be available: the 158cm LA-160W model and the 170cm LA-170W model. Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 will also be available in two sizes: 310-137 (137 cm) and 310-152 (152 cm).

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