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Renz (UK) passes savings on to customers

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After a period of significant investment Renz has transformed production processes in its spool manufacturing hall. Chr Renz GmbH is one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of ring wire spools and is headquartered in Heubach, Germany. Having completed an end to end operational review, significant economies are now being delivered by the modernised and streamlined processes.

The increased production output and efficiencies have led to significant cost savings. Now that this initial period of investment is over Renz can pass some of these savings on to the UK spool market with significantly improved pricing and realigned carriage terms.

Managing director of Renz (UK) Iain Bullock said, ‘For many years Renz has been established as the leading supplier into the UK of the highest quality ring wire spools. In the spool market, precise, high quality is essential to minimise machine downtime. Understandably, this German attention to detail has come at a premium price. However, our newly streamlined and impressive forming facility in Germany, that includes the largest single concentration of wire formers in Europe, has delivered significant savings in production costs. We are now keen to pass some of these savings on in the UK.

‘For many years we have been competing successfully against competition from both the Far East, including China and Korea, as well from Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and the Baltic countries. Yet, despite often being the most expensive, we have maintained our market share by consistently holding enough stock at our UK headquarters. It has been proven repeatedly that having the best price in the market is irrelevant if you don’t have the stock to supply the market on a next day basis. Since opening our spool warehouse in the UK in 2004 our purchasing processes have become necessarily, increasingly refined in order to keep enough stock to supply the market. This is no mean feat as we offer from stock nine different standard colours in 20 diameters across both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch.’

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