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G-Tec Paper & Film announces Touchshield

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TouchShield is a new innovation from UK media manufacturer, G-Tec Paper & Film. This is a range of protective, anti-microbial, self-adhesive film products designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The new, anti-microbial film range comes with an easy apply air release system to achieve a bubble free application, for easy installation into public spaces and environments.

The clear film with only a secure branded watermark can be integrated to all retail, medical and public sectors without compromising on brand identity for the consumer.

‘We wanted to produce an anti-microbial range of film products that would be accessible and easy to apply to everyday objects,’ said director and head of research and development for the company, Andrew Gartshore. This being the driving factor for the development which launches this May from the Banbury media manufacturer.

‘Our anti-microbial coating offers up to 99% protection against bacteria and viruses. This tough, germ fighting top coating, partnered with over 35 years of product development experience within the self-adhesive film sector delivers a totally unique range of products for the consumer,’ Andrew added.

The UK coating company has introduced the first two film product developments within the TouchShield range, designed as the perfect protective solution for surfaces within environments where cross contamination of bacteria and viruses can often be found.

Managing director Will Duggins said of the development, ‘We are incredibly excited to start discussing this unique range with all of our distribution partners and look forward to welcoming new opportunities in areas that these films can truly make a difference.’

Ideal applications include shopping trolley handles, touchscreens, door push plates, computer mice, handrails, hospital bed rails, waste bins, and more.

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