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Mako adds value to Racami transactional workflow

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Global Graphics Software has licensed its Mako SDK to Racami, the author of the Alchem-e customer communications management platform (CMM). Mako converts incoming documents into PDF and optimises these files for onward processing through multiple delivery channels such as email, web viewing, bill payment, and printing.

Alchem-e is used to support the mass production and distribution of customer communications. Corporate clients are often looking to reduce operating costs, comply with government regulations, speed up printing times, and automate processes.

One of the challenges in the industry is standardising the multitude of data and print streams that are commonly used. This is important because the variety of file formats and the inconsistency in how they are constructed causes work to slow down or be of poor quality. Data preparation slows down, printers slow down, jobs are constrained to specific workflows and equipment. Normalization is key to solving this problem and companies use Alchem-e with the embedded Global Graphics Mako technology to speed up processing, reduce file sizes, and produce higher quality output.

Matt Mahoney, executive vice pressident of sales and marketing at Racami, commented: ‘As companies mature with multi-channel communications for marketing and transaction processing, they benefit from clean optimised PDF files. We are extremely happy with our choice to work with Global Graphics. We embed its Mako technology into Alchem-e and offer it as a standalone PDF preflight tool. Global Graphics is one of the best companies we have worked with because they are so responsive.’

‘It is exciting to work with Racami because it regularly brings us new challenges,’ said Global Graphics Software’s Paul Hagen, vice president of sales. ‘We investigate these straightaway and because we give our customers access to the product manager their requests are quickly translated into an item for our roadmap.

‘Mako is multifunctional – like a Swiss army knife. Racami started off using one of the blades to transform incoming files into robust PDFs. We are pleased to see it using other facets of this very capable technology with PDF optimisation. It is an interesting application of our technology and we sense that it has a growing market presence and great brand awareness.’

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