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ClimateCalc undergoes major upgrade

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ClimateCalc, the carbon footprinting tool for the printing industry, has now had an extensive upgrade to improve its functionality, security, and user experience.

The revamped site will offer improved login facilities, easier set ups for multi-site operations including the sharing of substrate data, and easier to share product calculations with publishers and other customers. Crucially the site is now prepared for API integration at a later date.

Whether you are on a journey to carbon neutrality or net zero or need to demonstrate you are reducing your carbon footprint, it all starts with measuring your carbon emissions to the fullest extent practical. ClimateCalc is verified to cover 95% of your calculable emissions and complies with both ISO14064-1 and ISO 16759.

It provides you with a fully audited carbon footprint for your site and enables you to offer your customer a carbon footprint for every job. Crucially it allows a site to specify the emissions factors for substrates, rather than using a single government figure. This is important as substrate makes up a huge proportion of a site’s footprint and it is the main way a company can reduce its footprint.

Walstead started using ClimateCalc in 2022 and it has enabled the company to provide customers with clarity and help customers lessen their impact before even having to think about ways of offsetting emissions. Paul Sorosina, the UK group HSEQ manager, said: ‘It is important that we are able to provide our customers with information and are able to work with them to also help reduce their environmental impact.’

ClimateCalc is also far less expensive and far easier to use (in its basic format) than many of its competitors. So, if you need a carbon footprinting tool that print specific, verified to cover the majority of your emissions, audited by a third party, compliant with the necessary ISO standards, recommended by Intergraf, easy to use and doesn’t break the bank then ClimateCalc is the answer.

Take a look at the new site’s demo on both the basic and the standard model and see how you can start your carbon reduction journey without accusations of greenwashing.


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