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Cygnus Cross-Ply – innovative e-commerce packaging material

Packaging Solutions

Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a courier delivered package in a crushed shabby box concealing a damaged product inside. Cygnus Cross-Ply is a revolutionary corrugated material designed specifically for e-commerce packaging that requires that extra oomph! It delivers enhanced stacking capabilities and is more robust than conventional corrugated board.

The doublewall board made with two flute profiles in opposing directions, has vertical fluting no matter which face the box is resting on. In addition, no centre liner is required to form the bond between the two flutes, thereby saving material use by around 20%. In tests, Cygnus Cross-Ply achieved 15% to 20% enhanced BCT (box compression test) when compared to conventional grades.

The material’s innovative construction helps to reduces returns rates, is sustainable and with less inherent damage, it aesthetically preserves the value of the contents inside.

Cygnus Cross-Ply is exclusively available from Swanline Paper & Board in FF, FE and FB flute profiles to a maximum sheet size of 1100 x 1400 mm. The material can be printed or laminated in a multitude of sizes and styles – indeed designers may want to rethink their creative approach and utilise the its unique capabilities to the maximum.


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