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Dalim Software launches Dalim UK

Print Solutions

Dalim Software maker of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of print and cross media content, has invested in its UK sales and support infrastructure and opened a Dalim UK office, effective October 1. As part of these activities, the company has assembled centralised, top of the line engineering capabilities, with direct access to research and development and all of Dalim Software headquarters’ support.

Amidst all of the external difficulties which have made it challenging to work anywhere around the globe, Dalim Software is having a strong 2020. Its customers are reaping productive benefits of its solutions, enabling them to work effectively from anywhere – office or home. With the backdrop of Brexit and Covid, the company decided that the United Kingdom should be an area of particular focus for its solid end user base, as well as anyone who requires solutions that can be operated anywhere.

Focused on serving the UK market, Dalim UK will assist existing and new customers. Dalim Software will continue to maintain direct and indirect sales channels, welcoming companies to get the most from their solutions. The company also intends to continue to engage with printers where, particularly, high speed inkjet requires the robust productivity that its solutions, like the new Dalim Drive, can uniquely deliver.

However, the company’s breadth of solutions has expanded beyond print and pre-media companies. It serves brands, retailers, and packaging providers, who can all benefit immediately from an implementation in today’s distributed workforce environment. A local presence in the UK has become even more vital for leading international brands, which have grown to trust Dalim Software’s global strategy with local installations built throughout the globe.

Colin Price has been appointed managing director of Dalim UK. He has extensive experience selling at every level – both technical and commercial –and has served as a technical backup for sales teams. Most recently, he was a partner at Conversion UK, a company selling and supporting disruptive digital finishing technologies. He has also held sales management and support roles with Lüscher Technologies, Screen Europe, Scitex and Linotype-Hell. This has provided him with in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of applications. Most relevant, though, was Colin’s experience as business director at Turning Point Technologies from 2001 to 2008. This included work representing high value solutions, incorporating Dalim Software’s Twist workflows, among others.

‘We consider the transition of support from Germany to a UK entity a very significant investment. As new rules of commerce could affect how business is consummated in the future, this will assure that there will be no interruption of service to the entire UK market and our customers. By placing a physical presence in the UK, our support is much closer – and faster,’ explained Carol Werlé, Dalim Software CEO. ‘Important to our presence is the appointment of Colin Price as managing director. In the past, Colin played an instrumental role in the growth of Dalim Software. He introduced to the market the first installation of Dalim Mistral – a forerunner of Dalim ES. We consider him the most talented Dalim Software representative in the UK. No one deserved this role more than he.”

‘When I was selling Dalim Software solutions in the early 2000s, they set the bar for workflow automation in repro and print companies. The mainstream workflow products of today have only just caught up with those 20 year old features,’ recalled Colin. ‘Many customers are still users today. It was amazing to see how Dalim Software products have been extended in terms of the markets they can serve. Dalim ES can be deployed in just about any business to automate and improve processes, whilst managing collaboration between supply chain teams. Working remotely is a new necessary. In the current climate it is essential that everyone can do their job from wherever they are. Dalim ES makes this possible. Any brand that wants to streamline their creative operations, improve speed to market, whilst enabling teams to work from anywhere should investigate Dalim Software.’


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