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Fadel and Esko announce integration of DRM and DAM software

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Fadel and Esko have announced a partnership and integration of Fadel’s cloud based digital rights management (DRM) software, Rights Cloud, and MediaBeacon digital asset management (DAM) solution. Rights Cloud protects against the misuse of digital media and allows professionals to see and track the usage rights and expirations of assets. Marketers use MediaBeacon to drive asset creation and easily find and distribute those assets based on the rights exposed through Rights Cloud. Reduced risk, increased efficiency, and strengthened collaboration are just a few benefits of this partnership.

For the last 18 years, Fadel software has helped protect companies from potential liability. By integrating MediaBeacon and Rights Cloud, users not only safeguard the use of their digital assets based on rights, but also have a central location to manage and distribute those assets seamlessly.

‘DRM and DAM is a powerful combination that drives savings and a positive brand image for companies,’ said Devi Gupta, senior vice president of marketing and alliances for FADEL. ‘This partnership provides these benefits with an enhanced user experience and streamlined workflow. We are delighted our common direction provides maximum value to our users.’

‘In the fast paced world where imagery is a critical element of branded products, the likelihood of managing assets associated with rights in a DAM is extremely high. The integration with DRM assures users will be compliant with usage rights,’ said Addison Wasson, product manager for MediaBeacon. ‘This collaboration is an exciting symbiosis of DRM and DAM. We are excited to take DAM to the next level to keep consistently providing our users with the best experience possible.’


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