Fedrigoni launches new digital papers for HP Indigo printing

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Fedrigoni has launched a new collection for its range of digital papers for HP Indigo printing technology. Designed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the printing presses, the collection spans 28 ranges split across three sections: coated papers, uncoated papers and uncoated whites.

The new Digital Papers for HP Indigo Printing range marks an expansion in Fedrigoni’s range of materials for this innovative printing technology. Beyond coated and uncoated boards and papers, white and coloured, as well as a range of special textures and finishes the new swatch book also incorporates self-adhesive papers.

The new swatch book brings together an innovative gallery of printed samples, printed with the latest HP Indigo inks and technologies: Electroink Silver, Premium White and Fluo, indiChrome, Light Light Black. Among the new papers now available for digital printing are recycled products such as Freelife Cento, the 100% recycled premium uncoated range; Sirio Ultra Black, the blackest on the market; Sirio Pearl Coal Mine and Rose Gold, the latest additions to Sirio Pearl the range of pearlescent papers; Materica Kraft, a sustainable high bulk uncoated paper, alongside Arena in four combinations of shades and finish, and Symbol Tatami, the soft touch satin coated range, great for art catalogues.

Each new product is certified with the highest rating (three stars) across all categories: runnability, ink adhesion and blanket life. The range of products are also now available in full B2 size (53x75/75x53), ideal for the new generation of HP Indigo 4 series presses.

Ian Braithwaite, commercial manager at Fedrigoni UK, commented: ‘Our new swatch book features diverse samples of Indigo printing, including CMYK, black, silver, white and fluorescents, as well as IndiChrome CMYK. Together with the digital gloss varnish and gold digital foil finishes, the latest collection really demonstrates the endless creative possibilities of Fedrigoni paper for HP Indigo presses.’

Evelyn Niebauer, commercial media manager at HP Indigo, commented: ‘Fedrigoni was the first HP Indigo alliance partner in Europe; we are proud to work with such an innovative company and jointly continue delivering new opportunities, innovation and highest quality to our customers. This speciality swatchbook for HP Indigo technology includes more than 100 certified papers, demonstrating endless possibilities that the combination of Fedrigoni high quality paper and HP Indigo unique Electroink can achieve.’

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