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Gunna Drinks’ aluminium bottled functional lemonades launch into Co-op

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Gunna Drinks has announced the launch of its new aluminium bottled lemonades in Co-op stores. Hitting shelves in October, consumers visiting Co-op stores across the Mid Counties of the UK will be able to purchase the functional lemonades, made with Vitamin C and Zinc, in two varieties – Twisted Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade.

In a UK first, the bottles will launch in 80 stores across the UK, with 40 more to follow in the coming months. With aluminium being infinitely recyclable, the bottles have strong environmental credentials which when paired with their wellness proposition, align with two of the biggest consumer demands in soft drinks right now. Gunna’s bottled drinks will be included in Co-op meal deals, offering shoppers great value for money.

Launching the range in July 2023, Gunna is utilising a larger, resealable 470 ml format in a compact design making it easily releasable and appealing for shoppers to enjoy on the go. With around 70% of soft drinks currently bottled in single use plastic (SUP), Gunna hopes the move will continue to inspire change in the soft drinks sector and help make the choice of shopping for soft drinks easier for consumers who want to support the planet.


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