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Leipa launches new environmental signets

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As the world still fights the current pandemic, the larger challenge of combatting the onset of climate change is upon us. Sustainable Consumption and Production, Sustainable Development Goal Number 12 is a ‘hot topic’ as the focus on manufacturers to scrutinise their production techniques continues to grow. Despite being an energy intensive process, papermaking has largely been left without public analysis due to the recyclability and high recovery rates of paper substrate. However, that is no longer enough. Sourcing of raw material, production methods, water and energy consumption are all vital considerations when choosing your next paper supplier.

Since the 1970s, Leipa has been using sustainable recovered paper as the raw material for its production – initially for cardboard and packaging papers, and since 1994, for graphic papers. Starting as an innovator and global pioneer, Leipa is now an international market leader in LWC papers based on 100% recycling.

To celebrate this, and to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the environment, it has launched four new signets. These represent savings made producing Leipa Graphic Paper portfolio versus BAT values of the EU virgin fibre paper production.

Transparency, clear and concise messaging, and tangible impact reporting can be achieved with the use of these simple tools. Whether a publisher, brand owner, printer, or advertiser, anyone who uses Leipa paper makes an active contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

Thanks to leading technology, the recyclability of the raw material paper fibre at Leipa is more than 10 times – thus relieving the burden on the forest and the environment. The company’s papers, produced from 100% recycled paper, need 60% less energy and 40% less water than conventional paper manufacturers.

Sustainability is no fad for Leipa. It is an integral part of the DNA and involves the entire value chain. As an independent family business, the company offers a reliable partnership with customers especially when it comes to environmentally friendly paper products and coherent recycling concepts.


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