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New folding capabilities for northwest printer

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A printer in the northwest has installed its third Duran Omega AllPro to keep up with folding demand in its busy carton operation.

Designed to handle a diverse spectrum of substrates, Omega's Allpro gluers offer exceptional versatility, which was a strong selling point alongside the technical capabilities of the line. The AllPro range excels in producing a wide array of intricate carton styles in the minimum possible set up times.

The install will not only increase capacity and lower stresses and downtimes on existing folding lines, but also provide the capacity to switch to corrugated when needed.

Available in eight different sizes, ranging from 55 to 185 cm in width, this example is supplied in the 110 configuration and joins a pair of 55s on the production floor.

Allpro gluers can craft straight line, double wall, crash lock, as well as offering optional four and six corner configurations, all facilitated by a single finger servo backfold system. These machines are also adept at producing inner partitions, Z-folds, conical crash locks, and CD boxes, while achieving impressive belt speeds of up to 400 metres per minute.

With two other Duran’s on site, operators can use their skills to their best ability across the three units and optimise production schedules with well practiced changeover routines.

The modular Omega Side Register System squares cartons prior to entering the prefold section, giving additional control over blanks. Two sets of upper and lower auxiliary carriers transport blanks through the section when the side register is not being utilised. Dual lead in carriers provide optimum stacking control for irregular shaped cartons. The adjustable nose rolls maximise pile depth in the compression section whether understacking or overstacking.

The special design of the delivery section offers more control over finished cartons with long delivery carriers and rugged construction, providing a greater range of carton placement on the stacker apron and the ability to ‘kick’ cartons from either side, this was a keen specification to ensure consistent quality delivery at the end of the line.

Sales representative for the finishing solutions division at Friedheim, Howard Cherry, said: ‘As both the customer and Friedheim know Duran so well, the install process has come down to a science and training has become smoother than ever, it is fantastic for operators to have the confidence straight from the box.’


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