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Sato Partners with CipherLab on integrated device management solution

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Sato Holdings and CipherLab have unveiled an integrated enterprise mobility management (EMM) software solution, ReMoCloud × SOS1. This software solution empowers users with seamless access to remote maintenance support and device maintenance for Sato’s label and RFID printers and CipherLab’s mobile computers.

ReMoCloud is a platform that enables efficient deployment, management and real time monitoring of large fleets of CipherLab mobile computers that identify and keep track of incoming and outgoing items in warehouse settings and more. Sato Online Services provides remote printer maintenance service for its label printers and print engines to reduce downtime by visualising use, enabling proactive maintenance before problems occur. Both are used in distribution centres, transport and logistics, retail logistics and manufacturing warehousing and distribution scenarios.

The new integrated ReMoCloud × SOS will be offered by Sato, CipherLab and their distributors. The integrated dashboard will help streamline IT professionals’ workflows as they manage the products with one stop visibility and troubleshooting.

Comprehensive EMM solutions provide application and content level control for IT administrators on a single unified platform for central management. They are used to provision, monitor, update, secure and deprovision (wipe) devices from a central console. Remote management gives IT administrators real time visibility into device status and assists them by reducing the need for on-site servicing.

Businesses are looking for ways to create thriving, high performing work environments that prioritise the holistic health of employees, and this includes those tasked with maintaining and servicing critical operational infrastructure used on site. Driven by rising maintenance costs, the need for EMM tools is growing as businesses seek to streamline large-scale deployments of AIDC infrastructure such as mobile computers and label printers used in factories, warehouses and more.

‘Servicing and maintenance are a key component to our vision to be the customer’s most trusted partner for mutual growth,’ said Kazuki Ikeda, head of global hardware sales at Sato Holdings Corporation. ‘We want to minimise downtime and keep our customers’ critical labelling infrastructure up and running and give full visibility of their operations.’

Lim Yee, senior executive of global business division at CipherLab, stated: ‘We are excited to unveil ReMoCloud × SOS, our integrated platform to manage both Sato printers and CipherLab rugged mobile devices, in this global partnership. Together, we offer one step deployment, visibility, and efficient remote maintenance, ensuring mutual growth for our valued customers worldwide.’


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