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1HQ exciting design for food supplement range

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‘Proactive health seekers’ are a collective of Gen Z and Millennial urban dwellers, often with high or disposable income, who prioritise health more than other generations. They are also the hottest target group for many contemporary brands right now, and the audience for a new Dole wellness product designed by 1HQ. This new brand is ‘The Secret Nature of Fruit’ (TSNoF).

1HQ worked with Dole Sunshine Company to create and craft the new supplement brand ‘The Secret Nature of Fruit’. TSNoF’s ambition is also to harness the undiscovered powers of nature and the realisation of Dole’s expertise in positive nutrition with a positive impact.

Occupying, and thriving in such a saturated market as the wellness industry, has put more pressure on the importance of aesthetic effectiveness and clarity in communications, thus delivering distinctive design with a purpose. In a recent survey conducted by 1HQ, it was suggested that packaging design, and the way brands promote and communicate their health benefits could be a key indicator for consumers when purchasing. The majority of participants (65%) said that it was imperative for brands to highlight the health benefits of their products and a further (57%) stated that they would be more likely to buy products that highlight the health advantages.

Inspired and guided by this, 1HQ embarked on a shared discovery journey with Dole. With expertise in semiotics, using territory and brand world creation, strategy and naming sessions, commissioning and art directing photography, as well as communications and digital content curation, 1HQ delivered this new brand, that would also complement the rest of the Dole portfolio.

Discussing the brand, Karen Cole, managing creative director, 1HQ said: ‘The new brand was required to engage with current proactive health seekers, encompassing the target audience’s readiness to try novel products that align to their key values and needs. Transparent communication, clean label attributes, heritage, provenance and sustainability are some of those decisive principles. 1HQ created a packaging design that pivoted around the idea of discovering what lies within the fruit. The radiating and rippling ‘vibe’ around the central brand device uses especially commissioned macro-photography to hero the qualities of fruit. A rich colour palette and simplicity in brand architecture deliver easy navigation on pack.’

Fiona Hong, global marketing brand manager, Dole, commented: ‘Working on our first functional food supplement brand with 1HQ Global has resulted in a fantastic partnership. The strategic and creative expertise successfully brought to life our new and innovative range, The Secret Nature of Fruit, within the nutrition and wellness category. 1HQ’s passion and drive enabled us to work seamlessly as one team to develop the new brand and first range under the brand in UK and the US, landing the brand design and communications successfully for an Amazon launch in the first quarter of 2021.’


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