Infigo and Tharstern integration delivers first in quotation and stock management

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Infigo Software and Tharstern have announced completion of an integration that will transform how clients manage their print or packaging workflow.

The integration between these two powerful solutions automates functions such as product mapping, job specification and submission, estimating, reporting, imposition, stock management, billing and shipping into a streamlined workflow.

The most exciting development enabled by the partnership is integrated live pricing through the new Tharstern API. This is a first which means that pricing can now be pulled automatically from the Tharstern MIS into Infigo Software’s Catfish platform, creating a single entry solution for product pricing, and resulting in real time, on-demand quotations for end users. This reduces manual tasks and also meets the demands of the always on digital customer.

Douglas Gibson, managing director, Infigo Software, commented: ‘In our experience, automation and user experience are the two most important factors for printers delivering an e-commerce solution to remain profitable. Our clients need solutions that reduce manual input, increase the opportunity to deliver 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on-demand services, and all with an easy-to-use online user interface. This is why we have focused our effort in recent years on developing partnerships with best in class suppliers to ensure we can deliver efficiencies, cost savings and end user engagement for clients.’

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