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A collaboration between Elopak and Stora Enso has resulted in the launch of the first gable top cartons made from natural brown unbleached paperboard, creating the Naturally Pure-Pak carton with a highly distinctive, natural look and feel.

The new paperboard, Natura Life by Stora Enso, retains the natural brown colour of the wood fibres and has a visible fibre structure. This creates a naturally different, sustainable and authentic package that meets demands from growing trends in ethical, ecological and organic products. The natural look and feel of the new Pure-Pak carton supports the values of organic products and brings outstanding presence on shelf.

Arla Foods in Sweden has announced the launch of several products in its organic EKO brand range using Pure-Pak cartons made of natural brown paperboard.

‘We believe that the new Pure-Pak carton will grab attention as it communicates organic values and is totally different to anything else in the increasingly complex chilled dairy segment,’ said Anna-Karin Modin Edman, sustainability manager at Arla.

The carton, with the new natural brown paperboard, is available in 1 litre and 500 ml sizes. It runs on existing filling lines for both fresh and ESL products without modifications or changes in machine settings. The new Pure-Pak cartons are 100% recyclable and can be recycled through existing channels.

Ivar Jevne, Elopak's executive vice president Board and Blanks Supply, commented: ‘All liquid packaging board sourced from well managed forests is environmentally friendly, however this paperboard reaches new levels in climate responsible packaging. The innovation is the result of bringing together the best of expertise, competence and experience from our collaboration with Stora Enso. This is not just another paperboard for our Pure-Pak cartons, but a totally new concept.’

The new paperboard is produced by Stora Enso, with the majority of fibres sourced from Swedish and Norwegian forests.

‘We are happy about the cooperation with Elopak and excited to introduce the new unbleached liquid packaging board Natura Life by Stora Enso. What makes this paperboard unique is that it is brown on the inside as well as on the outside. This will enhance the organic appearance of carton packaging and make it stand out on shelves,’ said Annica Bresky, executive vice president Stora Enso Consumer Board division.

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