Trelleborg announces breakthrough in UV and coating blanket technology

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Trelleborg has announced the latest developments within its Vulcan, Rollin and Printec range, where new versions include offset blankets for the packaging and UV sectors, as well as fabric-less coating plates.

‘The UV market is increasingly important and as a leading supplier of offset blankets we have invested a significant degree of resources into creating innovative products that overcome the technical issues commonly encountered by printers operating UV presses,’ said Mark Barrington, business director for printing solutions in the Americas. ‘Products such as Vulcan Sunrise, Vulcan Super UV, and Rollin UVE have been developed to enable printers to achieve the maximum output of top quality work.’

Vulcan Sunrise is a 1.95 mm thick blanket specifically designed for UV applications such as LE/HUV and LED UV. Providing all of the benefits of the Dynatech system including excellent smash and edge mark resistance plus good vibration absorption, Vulcan Sunrise enables first class solids and halftone reproduction. The blanket is suitable for use with direct drive presses as the Dynatech carcass ensures even power consumption in the drives.

Vulcan Super UV is aimed at UV multi colour presses used to produce packaging and metal decorating. The 1.95 mm thick blanket offers high UV chemical resistance and extremely quick release, as well as excellent halftone reproduction and ink transfer coverage.

‘There is a growing demand for fabric-less coating plates and as part of our on-going commitment to innovation Trelleborg’s research and development facilities have been continuing to make advances with this technology,’ added Mark. ‘These fabric-less plates offer easy cutting and peeling, excellent coverage with both UV and aqueous coatings, plus good resistance to the solvents used with UV inks. Other benefits include improved durability in the coating process and the ability to handle high solid coatings more effectively than other photopolymers on the market. Users report reduced back trapping and consistent coating over long runs.’

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