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TheMagicTouch has been a global pioneer of the digital image transfer process for the past 25 years and continues with a host of original developments and innovations.

The company offers the latest in white toner printer technology with the A3 TMT/OKI 8432WT model. The printer maintains the five star rating for compatibility with all the nine different transfer papers available from TheMagicTouch, with each paper offering innovative market opportunities with multiple printable product options.

The A3 Pro8432WT model together with the existing A4XL Pro7411WT printer feature new toner configurations and are installed and powered using the bespoke SpaceControl RIP software to assist in colour management and transfer paper selection.

The SpaceControl software offers the user a host of product applications specific to TheMagicTouch. These include options to control the running order of the toners enabling the white toner to be applied first or last to the transfer. All TMT/OKI printers come with a standard three year warranty.

Jim Nicol, managing director, explained: ‘The TMT/OKI solution is the best option for digital image transfer. The printers are quick, have outstanding image quality and are very affordable. Using the latest white toner technology the range of printable applications continues to grow and includes 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, performance fabrics and even leather, all regardless of colour. The printer when not printing one of the nine different transfer papers can still function as a traditional colour printer with the ability to also print plain paper, wristbands, labels and a host of traditional paper stock.’

TheMagicTouch allows those yet to benefit from transfers to do so without the financial risk or capital investment normally associated.

Jim added, ‘Customers today, at all levels, expect more in regard to service and commitment from suppliers. When presenting customers with a personalised sample product for evaluation the reaction is always positive, and that is what sales is all about. Customers are impressed when you make a bit more effort and do something a little different to gain their trust and attention.’

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