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Based in Thailand, Double A offers a premium range of uncoated and coated papers, but that is just part of the story. The company also works to ensure sustainability and to drive social improvement.

Double A paper delivers on quality, consistency, and on print performance, as well as offering a number of benefits that add to its runnability, yet behind that simple sheet, there is a whole story of environmental care, and help for the communities in which the company works, that provides a compelling background to this premium product.

Double A is working closely with over millions of smallholder farmers in Thailand in an innovative agroforestry approach that sees the company giving fast growing trees to farmers to plant along the edges of their rice fields. This means that the farmers can still grow their main food crops, but get a secondary income from farmland that could otherwise not be utilised for production.

In turn, the farmers then sell the trees back to Double A as a source of sustainable raw material to make into premium paper.

To date, over 200 million Double A Paper trees have been planted in Thailand, which have provided secondary incomes to over one million farmers! So successful has the project been that Double A is now looking at the potential of expanding it across Asia.

Gaining a valuable source of raw materials to make virgin paper helps Double A to achieve premium products. Yet, it also means that the company has a completely transparent view of where the materials are coming from and how these ‘mini’ forestlands are being managed. And, of course, it makes sense for the farmers to replant and regrown more trees in an on-going cycle, which is great for the environment.

Double A takes the environment and ethical management of its business seriously and has a whole range of projects that help to support, sustain and encourage best practice.

You can click here to get a free sample of Double A paper so that you can try it for yourself.

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