Taylor Bloxham increases its folding efficiency

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Friedheim International has installed one of the world’s fastest folders into Leicester based Taylor Bloxham Group. The MBO K8 RS will boost the company’s folding efficiency producing mainly 16 page section work.

Taylor Bloxham technical director Wesley Sykes said, ‘We have bought the machine in mainly to fold 16 page section work. Our biggest bottleneck is folding and this machine is about two to three times quicker than our existing kit.

‘Where we would fold a 16 page section at about 4500 cycles per hour on our existing kit, we are expecting to get to between the 12,000 and 13,000 mark with this machine.’

The MBO was chosen mainly due to the productivity of the machine, the build quality and the level of automation. However, the operators had a big say in the decision making which was a key factor.

‘I looked at a few machines that would deliver what we anticipated and then it very much came down to the operators who were involved in the trials and had a big impact on the final decision – they are the ones that have got to make it work,’ said Wesley.

The MBO K8 RS will be joining six other folders that include an MBO B26 and T800, a new binder and saddlestitcher from Muller Martini, a host of Heidelberg presses and other finishing kit.

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