PrintReleaf Plants 500,000th standard tree

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PrintReleaf has announced that more than 500,000 standard trees have been planted as part of its certified reforestation programme.

Discussing the milestone, CEO and founder Jordan Darragh commented: ‘We are pleased to have planted more than a half million standard trees on behalf of our printing industry partners and their clients. A standard tree is equal to 8333 sheets of standard 8.5 x 11 inch US letter paper.

‘The actual number of trees planted varies from reforestation site to reforestation site depending on climate, soil conditions, tree mortality after planting, and the time necessary to grow a tree to maturity. The PrintReleaf reforestation programme – now active around the world, with projects in Brazil, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, India, Ireland, and the United States – currently plants trees at a rate exceeding 1000 actual tree seedlings per day.

‘With the introduction of PrintReleaf to the commercial printing industry at Print 17 in Chicago, we look to significant reforestation growth in the future. Only PrintReleaf offers print customers a certified and verified means of ensuring their paper usage is reforested.’

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