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Derbyshire based Buxton Press has invested in an MPP4 inc.jet system and an Integra lifting belt, from Engelmann & Buckham (E&B).

The two pieces of kit will be fitted onto its latest Sitma polywrapping machine to improve the quality of the mailing print finish of its current system. The decision to buy was made by Chris South, factory manager, Buxton Press, who viewed the system in the inc.pod on the E&B stand at Ipex.

‘We were looking at ways to produce a better, more consistent print on our polywrapping line,’ Chris explained. ‘The lifting belt allows the carrier sheet to get closer to the print head, which means that we will have an improved quality of print and the MPP print head works perfectly with the lifting belt.’

This will be the second MPP4 that Buxton Press has purchased, the first was at drupa, and has already helped to achieve considerable cost savings in comparison to its previous system.

Richard Maclean, director, E&B is not surprised that the system is already making an impact. ‘We have a long standing relationship with Buxton and it is always ready to try new technologies, especially when it can see it will improve on the current operations through its ease of use and overall cost savings,’ he said.

The sale of the MPP4 and Integra Lifting Belt were part of a very successful Ipex for E&B.

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