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Haulwen Nicholas, former head of packaging at Müller, has launched a new UK packaging consultancy business –The Packaging Oracle. Having worked across the food and drink and hygiene sectors over several years and acted as an advisor to WRAP, Haulwen has extensive experience of designing and developing packaging processes and solutions and is a keen advocate of the development of the circular economy.

‘It is quite clear there is a lack of understanding in some areas of the packaging industry about how we can truly address circular economy needs. Whilst there is significant attention on plastics and the environment at the moment in the media, we generally need to be doing a better job of stepping up around designing and delivering sustainable packaging across the industry, as this requirement is clearly growing in momentum,’ she said.

Haulwen has recently completed a certificate in circular economy design and is working with the principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to support converters, brands and retailers in the UK with packaging strategy development.

‘We have an extremely vibrant and innovative packaging industry in the UK. However, the speed of change in technology and consumer needs, combined with growing environmental awareness, is creating some significant challenges for the industry,’ she continued.

‘If the packaging supply chain is to combine the development of highly efficient, low cost packaging with the needs of the environment and a circular economy, some radical thinking is needed and this is where we step in. The Packaging Oracle business has a breadth of practical skills and experience and is an exciting opportunity to support the packaging supply chain to move forward.’

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