Deltor enhances bindery with MBO K8 install

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Family run Deltor has bought an MBO K8 fully automatic folder from Friedheim International.

The machine was installed to enhance the company’s Wohlenberg binder and will sit next to its brace of MBO B30 buckle folders. The Cornish print house also purchased a new Sagitta 76 late last year, replacing a nine year old Tauler to reduce make ready times from 40 minutes to just five between SRA3 and B1 sheets.

Sam Shannon, Deltor managing director stated that the MBO K8 is already doing 12,500 sheets per hour producing 32 page A5 booklets. ‘We wanted to be more competitive on the longer run section work against some of our competitors. We are quite a small company but we have got quite big firepower because we are running a 10 colour manroland 700 perfector and now with a high speed folder, it just allows us to be a bit of a thorn in the side to some of the big boys.’

He added, ‘We have been firing on all cylinders since it has gone in – we have probably doubled our folding speed. As we have also got PUR binding and stitching in-house, we were previously coming in some days and it was a case of having to fold and get the binder running overnight or fold and get the stitchers running.

‘But now we are coming in and all of the booklet machines are able to run. So where we are seeing the biggest impact is on other areas of the finishing department – while we have really increased our folding speed, it’s allowed us to be more efficient in all areas.’

This wasn’t a snap decision on Deltor’s part. After testing and demonstrations it found that the MBO was the best suited for its requirements.

Pictured: Sam Shannon, managing director and Dion Aird, production manager.

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