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Contact Originators, a packaging origination and graphics management company, has claimed a UK first in corrugated for its investment in award winning Esko XPS Crystal technology.

As part of the project, Contact is also the worldwide partner of Esko in the testing of flexo plates and its Crystal screening technology for the corrugated industry on the XPS.

The Esko XPS Crystal digital screening solution is a digitally controlled UV-LED exposure device that provides near simultaneous main and back exposure in a single operation. As part of a complete automated platemaking system linking to a CDI imaging unit, the XPS Crystal 5080 delivers a superior flexo plate for the corrugated market, capable of imaging at the highest quality levels.

The plates are placed onto the glass surface, where accurate back and main exposures by patented LED-UV light technology allow precise control with no further operator intervention. The consistent light source delivers unmatched image consistency and perfectly formed dots.

Steve Mulcahy, CEO Contact Group, said: ‘The key factor influencing plate stability is fast UV exposure which holds the finest lines and text onto the plate. In the future, our plan is to link the XPS to the CDI reducing the traditional process from five manual steps to one, securing full automation. Combine this with our MIS and JDF driven digital workflow systems and our corrugate customers are literally receiving the fastest and highest quality possible plate on the market.

‘The XPS Crystal 5080 delivers true consistency for our customers. Today, conventional frames hardly achieve plate relief tolerance due to fluctuations in temperature and inconsistent energy output. The XPS solution offers unparalleled plate relief consistency resulting in less plate waste and remakes, as well as consistent and predictable results driving up print quality. This consistency and quality of the XPS allows Esko to push the boundaries further on its HD screening in the form of its new Crystal screening set, now being trialled and tested at Contact and its partners.’

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