Bellissima DMS says ‘no’ to the flexo printer’s problems in new video

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Hamillroad Software has published its latest whiteboard video: ‘Bellissima DMS’. Working with Whiteboard video experts Truscribe, the short two minute video tells the story of the flexographic printer who is frustrated by being told ‘no’, just as a child grows up being constantly told ‘no’ by a parent or elder. Historically, flexo printers had to reduce their expectations with regards to what is possible when it comes to printing due to the obstacles they face on a daily basis. Then Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) is introduced.

Marketing director Danielle Kinsella commented, ‘We set out to tell the story of how the flexo printer is always being told ‘no’. ‘No, you can’t achieve photo quality results’, ‘No, you can’t avoid moiré’, and so on. We are demonstrating that no matter what their hopes and aspirations for flexographic printing might be, the reality is that they are faced with a barrage of ‘no’.’ Danielle continued, ‘Then we introduce Bellissima DMS and go on to explain how it enables flexo printers to do what they were previously told they couldn’t do. This technology is going to empower flexo printers, helping them to overcome the historical obstacles and challenges that flexo presents. ‘We have used the format of a whiteboard video; the simplicity of the visuals coupled with a strong message allow us to tell this story in a powerful way which resonates with the viewer. It is also fun and memorable too.’ The Bellissima DMS video is the second in a series commissioned by Hamillroad Software. It follows on from the introductory video: ‘Getting Dotty About Spots’ which was launched last year to introduce the Digitally Modulated Screening technology to the offset and flexo printing markets.

You can view the video here, or for more information, please see


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