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Dalim Software has announced the release of Dalim ES 5.5, loaded with many new features – a significant update to a major version released within the past year.

Dalim ES (Enterprise Solution) is a media production platform for marketing partners and media services companies – for example, studios, retailers, brand owners and their respective creative agencies –in short, anyone whose responsibilities touch upon the media production process. Companies use the software to store, manage, locate, and drive omni-channel projects, from print to web to video.

With ES 5.5, all activities are coordinated from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localisation and versioning to ensure efficiency. It extends the productivity of digital asset management, making project management, collaboration and review of files even easier and faster.

With a completely redesigned and more sophisticated workflow editor, rewritten with a new user friendly interface to create, edit and organize workflows, the software allows simple drag and drop tasks.

Dalim Software has implemented an artificial intelligence framework into ES based on similarity, embedding libraries based on deep learning. When the deep learning is active, the software is automatically tagging metadata when a document is uploaded. The metadata is then used in the search field. Thus, it is building a machine learning model that works on any type of data, of any size, for more successful searches – for example, based on their colour.

‘We are extremely pleased not only with industry analysts’ acceptance of the Dalim ES DAM capabilities, but also with the speed at which we have built the system. However, what is more important is that Dalim ES combines DAM proficiency to the core of Dalim Software expertise: automated media production. Briefly, this one application simplifies the design of a project workflow for all partners in the creative production supply chain, and manages complete marketing campaigns. It is about bringing order to complexity,’ commented Carol Werlé, Dalim Software CEO. ‘Dalim ES offers a considerable number of new features that helps brands and production companies increase speed, standardise workflows, and easily streamline content communication to improve the return on investment.’

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