Antalis Academy hosts sustainability seminar as new research shows ‘green gravitation’

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Against the backdrop of an increased consumer gravitation towards greener options, the Antalis Academy is preparing to hold its first breakfast seminar of the year, specifically around the growing topic of sustainability and what it means for the industry.

The breakfast seminar, which will take place on 24 January at the Antalis Academy in Coalville, Leicestershire, has been designed to offer brands, agencies, printers, signmakers and trade organisations the opportunity to learn and, importantly, be part of the sustainability discussion.

During the session, attendees will gain expert industry insight from two industry-leading keynote speakers. The first, Steve Lister, head of innovation and sustainability at Konica Minolta Marketing Services, will be providing guidance and advice drawn from his vast experience of inspiring brands, marketing teams and retailers to find new, impactful marketing ideas for on-brand print, packaging, point of purchase and point of sale solutions.

This will be followed by a talk from Martyn Eustace, director of Two Sides, a global initiative designed to promote the sustainability of the graphic communications supply chain, around the challenge of promoting sustainability and the effectiveness of print media in a multi-media world.

This latest activity comes as new research conducted by Two Sides has found paper and cardboard to be the most preferred packaging material for sustainability, recyclability and practicality. According to a survey of 500 consumers, 78% favour paper and cardboard packaging because it is biodegradable, 73% believe it makes good use of recycled materials and 64% favour paper and cardboard packaging because it is made from renewable wood fibre.

Giles Bristow, digital support manager at the Antalis Academy, commented: ‘As demonstrated by this latest research conducted by one of our very own keynote speakers, sustainability continues to be a key topic in the industry – being no longer just driven by the government and organisations, but by consumers themselves who are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of making sustainable choices.

‘As such, our new breakfast seminar offers the perfect opportunity for those customers seeking to clarify misconceptions about sustainability in our industry and understand that print and paper is one of the most natural materials we can use by two of the industry’s real heavyweights. As always, it will be very much an informal, interactive forum enabling customers to come together, share their insights and ultimately help them maximise their business potential.’

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