Mondi relaunches IQ as ‘The intelligent Paper Brand’

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Mondi is giving its office and professional printing paper IQ a new look.

The IQ brand concept revolves around ‘Intelligence’ and what it means to be an intelligent paper solution, offering the right answer for all needs, from offset to digital printing. IQ combines this versatility with a 99.99% trouble free runnability.

Since its launch in 2001, IQ has built up its strong brand recognition and is ranking today number two in brand awareness for all of Europe in the 2016 EMGE cut size survey. Mondi is building up on that high level of brand awareness with the rejuvenated image for IQ. This includes a new logo, freshly designed ream wrappers, and new sales and marketing tools.

‘IQ is already one of the best known paper brands in Europe,’ said Johannes Klumpp, marketing and sales director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. ‘So we want to maintain its high profile and also highlight the great versatility of this portfolio: There is an IQ suitable for every printing technology and every purpose. Whether for office or professional printing, IQ has the solution for you.’

The IQ portfolio has continuously adapted to customer needs and could therefore build a loyal customer base. The success of the IQ story also rests upon the good partnership between Mondi and Europapier, Mondi’s key distribution partner for the IQ range.

‘IQ has always been an essential and reliable part of our long standing cooperation with Mondi. We are pleased to work now together on promoting IQ papers even further,’ said Helmut Limbeck, CEO of Europapier Group. ‘We very much like the new IQ campaign, which gives the brand a fresher image and also focuses on what IQ paper really stands for – an intelligent solution for all printing needs. Europapier is serving around 10,000 customers with IQ papers, which is an impressive proof point of this statement.’

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