High performance Anthem Elite Plates credited for notable savings and distinctive advantages

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Presstek has announced the success from the new, high performance Anthem Elite plates. Released in mid 2017, Anthem Elite is Presstek’s next generation Anthem printing plate for all Dimension platesetters. The non ablative and non carbon plate technology gives customers a considerable cost and time savings by eliminating the need for the debris management (AMS) system. The versatile Anthem Elite plate also expands the range of press applications, including sheetfed, web, heatset, coldset, and UV. Anthem Elite’s simplified platemaking system boasts run lengths up to 100,000 impressions and features industry leading, environmentally friendly attributes.

‘Anthem Elite offers significant workflow and on press advantages over the competition. Our customers appreciate the time and cost savings, the high quality, and consistent results they achieve, every time. Unlike other plates in the market, Anthem Elite is very easy to use. It is bulletproof,’ commented Ralph Jenkins, director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Presstek.

‘We like the Anthem Elite plates. When we first talked about transitioning to the newest technology, we were a little skeptical, but it has been a positive experience,’ commented Marc Kleith, production manager, Henle Printing. ‘Presstek’s Anthem Elite plates are easy to work with, give a well defined dot, and are very robust. The printing quality is great.’

Presstek’s Anthem Elite is a simplified platemaking system. The plate has a coating that enables sharp, hard and durable dot structures even at higher line screens. Its unique graining reduces the amount of water needed on press, thereby improving ink and water balance. The one step washout solution is a biodegradable, non corrosive cleaning fluid, which offers an extended bath life and low replenishment rates. The Anthem Elite plate is easy to handle and compatible with nearly every fountain solution and Delta dampening system.

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