Fabrijet DGI FT-1604 now available from Sabur

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Sabur is now supplying a range of DGI products including the newly added DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer.

DGI was established in 1985 in Korea, and is a leading digital inkjet printer manufacturer.

The DGI FT-1604 is built on the same technology as its bigger brother, the DGI FT-1608, but has four printheads as standard rather than eight. What you get are all of the ‘industrial’ features the 1608, such as the heavy duty take up, lightweight paper use and economical sublimation inks. However, there is also the option to upgrade the DGI FT-1604 machine to the DGI FT-1608 when needed.

This is massively cost effective – meaning users do not have to buy a completely new machine when they need to upgrade. And because it is the same footprint, it doesn't need any additional space.

Production speeds are excellent too – with true production print speeds of up to 56 m2 per hour and upgraded production speeds of up to 112 m2 per hour!

The DGI FT-1604 comes with the DGI three year warranty.

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