ITC publishes latest edition of Folio tooling catalogue

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Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now published the latest edition of its Folio catalogue.

The 2018 edition of the catalogue is the must have cutting tool resource for manufacturers that are serious about improving their productivity, reducing their tooling costs and attaining the benefits associated from working with industry experts. The 2018 catalogue encompasses everything from routing and engraving tools through to more specialised tools for folding, carving, deburring, edge rounding, drilling, tapping and much more.

The catalogue contains cutting tools for every material type you are likely to encounter. Furthermore, the technical engineers regularly work with customers running everything from high torque routing machines and high frequency, high speed digital cutting tables through to the less sturdy low tech machinery.

The fifth edition of the catalogue has everything from single and twin flute tools with a vast selection of options that include square or ball nose, stub or long length tools, fast or slow helix geometries and a selection of coatings and grades for the most challenging ACM materials. In the latest edition, ITC has vastly extended its already comprehensive line of knife blade tools for digital cutting tables that process vinyl, corrugated board, foam board and much more. The range of flat and round shank drag knife blades, oscillating blades and rotation blades has been vastly expanded to cater for the needs of the modern signmaker, pattern maker and cardboard engineering business.

In the unlikely event that you cannot find what you need in the Folio catalogue, the company’s Tamworth headquarters can manufacture tools to meet your requirements.

To complement the vast range of tools, the Folio catalogue also has a wide variety of associated product lines that include tool holders and collets, sacrificial sheets, lubricants, anti-slip matting and more.

For your copy, either download via or contact your local representative.

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