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Apex Digital Graphics and IFS have announced the postponement of ‘The Real Print and Finish’ open house, which was scheduled to take place on 17, 18 and 19 April in Hemel Hempstead.

The reason for the postponement is a series of delays to the shipping of the LED-UV equipped RMGT Ryobi press, which was due to be a major attraction at the event and the key contribution from Apex.

‘Poor weather conditions between Japan and Singapore have led to a shipping backlog, which was exacerbated by the Chinese New Year,’ said Apex managing director Bob Usher. ‘Much to our frustration, these unusual circumstances led to our press shipment being delayed on four separate occasions, as bigger players were allocated space on the available ships.

‘Although we were hopeful we could make the deadline, we received word of a further delay this morning, meaning we would be unable to install and commission the press in time for the event.’

The show was already gaining high numbers of pre-registrations due to some major attractions – as well as the LED-UV demonstrations. Visitors were hoping to see new product launches from Horizon, Cron and Konica Minolta, plus a questions and answers sessions by visiting speakers including chief HSBC economist Mark Berrisford-Smith. It also featured partners KAS, Ashgate, Tharstern, Graphic Arts Supplies, CyanX and the IPIA.

Apex and IFS are hopeful that the event can be rescheduled but no date has yet been announced.


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