Stora Enso wins bio based product of the year for Lineo

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Lineo by Stora Enso, a renewable replacement for oil based phenolic materials, has been awarded ‘Bio-Based Product of the Year’ at the Bio-Based World News Innovation Awards 2018.

Shortlisted alongside products from Clean Plus Inc and The Chemours Company, the judges recognised the potential of Lineo, made from versatile wood based raw material lignin. Lineo can be used in a range of applications where fossil based materials are currently used.

Markus Mannström, executive vice president of the Stora Enso Biomaterials division, said: ‘We are delighted that Lineo by Stora Enso has been recognised as an innovative, important bio based product. Made from lignin, an abundant product and one of the main building blocks of a tree, Lineo is a step towards replacing fossil based products with renewable solutions. As we say at Stora Enso, ‘everything made from fossil based materials today, can be made from a tree tomorrow’ and it is wonderful that this is being appreciated by key industry representatives.’

Officially launched earlier this year, Lineo by Stora Enso is a renewable, wood based replacement for oil based phenolic materials which are used in resins for plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), paper lamination and insulation material.

Stora Enso has been industrially producing lignin since 2015 at its Sunila Mill in Finland. Sunila’s capacity is 50,000 tonnes per year, making Stora Enso the largest kraft lignin producer in the world.

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