Parisian wine bar appears in high gloss: En Vrac wrapped in Chromolux Alu

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For the launch of the new web radio ‘Radio Vino’, which is all about wine, an extraordinary kick off event was held at the En Vrac wine bar in Paris – the outer walls were completely covered with Chromolux Alu 90 g/m2 for the occasion.

The founder of Radio Vino, Thierry Poincin, strived to create an outstanding event in his wine bar En Vrac that was elected as ‘Best Wine Bar’ by Time Out in 2014. Hence, he asked Zanders to cover the outer walls of the bar with Chromolux label paper.

Chromolux is produced by Zanders. Chromolux label papers, like the chosen Chromolux Alu, are primarily used for high end products such as champagne and spirits. Thus, its application on the walls of the En Vrac embodied a challenge that the company accepted. In order to implement this idea, Zanders cooperated with Xeikon which printed the Radio Vino logo on the Chromolux roll.

‘The result was phenomenal and surpassed our expectations,’ said Thierry. ‘And the brilliance of the aluminium reminded of the Inox wine tanks that are located in the restaurant.’

‘We are very pleased that our product is honored like that,’ said Frédéric Delage, sales manager France at Zanders. ‘Chromolux perfectly showcased its mechanical strength, its unique surface optics and printing results. This event absolutely contributed to this year’s celebration of 60 years of Chromolux.’

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