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Costing some EUR 6.9 billion, counterfeiting impacts every product sector – there is no product that cannot be imitated and sold as original. Thus, any brand, large or small, needs protection, and one of the most commonly used methods is to place a security hologram on the packaging.

A small square created with personalised graphics, difficult to imitate and immediately identifiable, is now synonymous with authenticity.

Three-dimensional foil has hitherto been the most widely used way to create this. However, the need to produce a master and have lengthy sales runs has put many companies off – especially smaller or artisan brands – so it has only been adopted by the big names.

Thanks to Albertin, SMEs and small craftsmen can finally protect their products with fully customised security holograms.

Albertin micro-engraved plates have fantastic potential. Made of magnesium or brass, this type of plate is very fine in texture with random or repeated and fully customised designs. Logos, text or graphics: Albertin can create an infinite number of optical refraction effects that change depending on the angle of view.

‘Today, you just need a single printing plate to place your seal,’ said Ferruccio Albertin, CEO of Albertin. ‘Micro-engraving opens up new scenarios and allows the creation of two-dimensional holographic effects using a traditional foil. A big advantage not only in terms of costs, but also of time. Plate engraving is much faster than producing a custom foil, and we promise a delivery time of just 24 hours from when the print file is ready.’

Depending on the print run and the desired effect (brighter or more detailed), you can produce magnesium plates with a thickness of one to seven mm or laser micro-engraved brass plates, three to seven mm thick. Whatever the substrate, the final effect will be the same: a hologram with changing reflections perfect for bottles, packaging, tags and labels, and universally affordable.

To find out some of the effects available, send an e-mail to to request a copy of the Albertin micro-engraving sample book.

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