Production demands convince Emmerson Press to invest in lamination

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The need to handle tighter turnaround times, manage a greater number of short run jobs and create a profitable streamlined production process convinced Emmerson Press to invest in a B2+ Foliant Mercury 530SF laminator from Intelligent Finishing Systems.

Paul Heath, managing director of the Kenilworth general commercial printer, stated: ‘We were sending all our lamination work out and that was adding time and cost to a print job. The company we worked with was 20 to 30 minutes away and there was a minimum charge.

‘Sometimes sending work out would mean we needed to add 24 hours into the schedule. Now we can handle the jobs as they come in and turn them around – often on the same day.

‘In fact, the other day we completed 12 short run jobs and that included lamination. We would not have been able to do that before the investment. Now we can say yes to work when we are asked. We don’t have to think about it.'

‘This is our first toe in the water. We looked at a couple of other systems but liked the Mercury for a number of reasons,’ continued Paul who chose the B2+ Mercury 530SF heavy duty industrial laminating system that features a Heidelberg suction feeder.

‘It is easy to use which means anyone can operate it. We had two people trained up to start with and now they have trained a couple of others. We also liked the small footprint because we are short on space.’

Another plus was the affordable addition of foiling capabilities with the Foliant Multi-functional Inprinting Unit. The Foliant Multi-functional Inprinting Unit makes foiling and spot varnish fast and affordable for short run and personalised print. It runs a wide range of colours including gold, silver, red and green and a clear gloss for spot varnish. It suits a broad range of end uses from corporate stationery to point of sale and book covers.

Paul added, ‘It gives us an extra option for no real cost. We can now offer more value added possibilities such as personalised business cards and invitations. We are looking forward to exploring what other opportunities it opens up for us, particularly those that would have been impossible or expensive using traditional foiling techniques.’

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