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Antalis Packaging bolsters Geami WrapPak offer

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Businesses looking to bring a brand new dimension to their product packaging need look no further than the newly extended Geami WrapPak range from Antalis.

Geami WrapPak is constructed out of a cut out kraft paper with a white tissue paper interleaf which is placed through a converter. This expands the material into a 3D honeycomb structure with all paper cells locked firmly in place, reducing the need for any tape or glue. The result is not only an excellent level of protection and an environmentally friendly option, but a high presentation wrap – a proposition which has gained a rapid commercial following.

In response, Antalis Packaging has announced its expanding distribution of the popular range to cover Geami WrapPak M, Geami WrapPak EX and coloured tissue paper.

The first range extension, the Geami WrapPak EX, is suitable for smaller packaging environments and occasional packing, for example smaller e-commerce start ups dealing with limited space and funds. Cost efficient, due to the reasonably low investment costs of the converter, and able to be placed anywhere at the retailer’s convenience, the Geami WrapPak EX achieves perfect in the box presentation for an enhanced unboxing experience.

Geami WrapPak M is suited to lower volume packaging. A manually operated unit, it increases flexibility and can be placed anywhere without the need for electricity. Ideal for e-commerce environments, where the main goal is to maximise ease of use, while offering customers an attractive unboxing experience, the Geami WrapPak M reduces material handling and takes up less storage space.

Antalis now offers seven new colours alongside the original white tissue. These colours include black, red, apple, sky, citron, buttercup, and pink.

Scott Day, cushioning and void-fill solutions expert at Antalis, commented: ‘More and more of our customers are exploring ways to wow their customers through the unboxing experience and Geami WrapPak provides the perfect way to do this through the optimal protection, gift like presentation, easy unwrapping and straightforward recycling offered by this innovative system.

‘The latest extensions to the range provide ideal solutions for smaller retailers where cost and space is a challenge, due to Geami WrapPak’s conversion from flat, stackable pallets to 3D honeycomb materials.’

Antalis will also continue to distribute the popular Geami Wrapak HV, an electronically operated converter ideal in high volume packaging environments where wrapping speed and overall throughput is key.

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