Pandaprint is the first with the Versafire EV in Scotland

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Pandaprint is an early adopter of the new Versafire EV and the first in Scotland.

The company has been in business for more than 30 years and in digital printing for 14 years and has opted for this new model particularly because of its fifth colour capability which will allow it to use clear, white, invisible red, neon pink and neon yellow in addition to the standard CMYK palette.

It is particularly impressed with the clear toner and the options for overprinting the whole sheet, graphics or pictures to give print a really stand out look.

The Versafire EV, supplied with Heidelberg’s Prinect digital front end, will be an additional press to run alongside Heidelberg Linoprint and a Ricoh Pro 8100s.

‘The Heidelberg EV is perfect for us because we have been very satisfied with the Linoprint over the years, not only the quality of print but the reliability, too,’ said Mark Wilson, managing director of Pandaprint.

To enhance the quality Pandaprint calibrates equipment daily and the presses operate in a clean and temperature controlled environment. It even works with paper merchants to find the best coated and uncoated papers to achieve the smoothest transfer of toner to sheet.

The Versafire EV will be operated by a member of staff with a pre-press background who has worked with digital printing technology at Pandaprint for the last six years. He can take a job from file supplied right to print and his knowledge of Prinect will make integration of the DFE system really easy. He not only prints but can handle the operator replaceable parts, ensuring that the press is running to its optimum and with minimum downtime at all times.

Pandaprint, which is based in Rosyth/Dunfermline, serves a very wide range of end users from designers and advertisers to government bodies and the financial sector to retail and healthcare. It will use the Versafire EV for a range of commercial products including business cards, leaflets, posters, perfect bound booklets and more.

‘We always look at giving customers best value so when we work out a litho price but know it is cheaper to run digitally we will always advise them,’ said Mark. ‘The continuing expansion of digital print has led to our decision to retain the Linoprint as back up when we have tight deadlines or when one of the machines is down for maintenance.’

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