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RPC Superfos’s SuperLock pot is delivering the convenience and on-shelf appeal that has contributed to the successful launch of a new gourmet popcorn for Danish start up company Nordic Gourmet Factory.

Handmade in northern Denmark and consisting of exclusively natural ingredients with no additives, NoCrapGourmet is available in a range of flavours from the classic – caramel and salted – to the more adventurous, such as liquorice, raspberry, and Belgian chocolate.

With its large transparent area and modern, elegant artwork produced by In-Mould Labelling, complemented by a black lid, the SuperLock pot is an attractive and distinctive presence on shelves. It holds roughly half a litre of popcorn and the twist off, screw- n lid allows users to easily re-close it for safe storage and later consumption.

NoCrapGourmet is the result of a trial and error process that saw Nordic Gourmet Factory consider more than 500 recipes before settling on the perfect formula for a fine taste and crunchy texture. As Tommy Jensen, founder and director, explained, the company brought these same exacting standards to its choice of packaging.

‘Packaging plays a major role in creating an image for your product. We wanted a pack which immediately could convey that our popcorn is out of the ordinary.

‘The solution from RPC Superfos is different from other solutions on the plastic packaging market and we really like the screw lid – one of the reasons why we decided to use the SuperLock pot. Another point is that the pots stack well so that our distributors have the best options to create an eye catching in-shop display. The SuperLock pot helps us to stand out from other products on the gourmet candy market.’

NoCrapGourmet has already enjoyed early success since its launch, with its liquorice variety winning Silver Prize at The Liquorice Taste Awards 2017, and the establishment of several distribution agreements.

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